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GDA Category Information, brought to you by PolyMune

What is generally allowed/should be in the Game Development Art Category

Original concepts, 2D, 3D work created by you or you have permission to post (as you are part of a team) that is for a Game. Can be any type of game, board game, video game,  pen and paper rpg game, etc.  As as it's meant to be for a game, it belongs into Game Development Art.

There are many artists out there aspiring to become in the industry but may have not broken in yet. Any content you create for a game industry portfolio that is "all your original content" (so no work like, a game ready model of batman..that can go into your portfolio, but would go under the Fan Art category on Deviant Art) may also be posted into this category.  As long as it's geared towards an original game, or the potential of becoming one, or showing you understand that line of thinking with your portfolio piece, go for it! Post it! If it's awesome, you can eve suggest it too me =D I loooove Game Development Art suggestions of any kind, so by all means note me that.

What is generally not allowed..and clarification why, this is a bit longer then the above 'allowed' area as I feel it's an area we need more information on

Game Development Category Is Not for Game Fan-art

Whether it's a game ready model you made yourself, or an awesome drawing of a character from World of Warcraft, it doesn't belong in the Game Development Art Category. The only exception to this rule is if the artist is the 'creator' of that character or work, for example: Works for the studio on that game, etc. There's some great artists like Arsenal21 who post up Artwork from Video games, however, they work for the studio and have permission to do so. (In Arsenal21's case, he is an Art Lead, Creative Development at Blizzard.)

Game Development Art is for original art, created by you that you hold the copyrights for...and/or work for the studio and designed what you are posting.

Where do I put my 3D Model? In 3d, fanart or Game Development Art?

This is a pretty common question that many of us see and/or as CV's are faced with. Here's a simple way to know where your 3D model should go:

Is your 3D model based on an existing character you do not hold the copyright too? (For example: you modeled Korra from The Legend of Korra). Whether it's game-ready made, or not, this model should go under Fan-art->Digital->3D-> etc. Fan-art is defined as "Fan art is artwork that is based on a character, costume, item, or story that was created by someone other than the artist." Regardless of it being 3D, drawing, sculpture, etc.

Is your 3D model or scene very high poly or have no purpose of ever being in a game, or geared towards a game? Then it should go into the 3D art category. It's hard to say no high poly models what so ever for Game Development Art because we do get High poly in our games, or used to transfer to a low poly model. It's best to look at it as if your work is being created for an original game, or possibly a portfolio to go into the game industry field, post it into Game Development Art. If your 3D model has none of those intensions at all, probably better to go into the 3D art category.

It's very easy to mix up the 3D category, and the 3D Game-art category, and even such to post your fan art up in the wrong category as well (into GDA or into 3D). So don't fret if this has happened to you, just read the information above and move it if it doesn't fall into the right category.

Where do my 3D work where I took it from a video game, and/or did not create go?
Now this is a bigger issue. The Daz/poser artists is a quick simple: did you buy or otherwise have permission to use that model in your scenes and/or credit it? Then yes you can post it. If you didn't? you cannot.

You will see several artists who rip models from video games, it's normally easy to tell but sometimes it can be tricky. Sometimes the artist admits to only "doing the lighting" or something, but others it's very hard to tell if they ripped it or not. Ripped work should not be on Deviant Art At all . You do not have permission to post it, you did not create it, you cannot post it here. Deviant Art's copyright rules are pretty clear on that.

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

Ripped models are popping up more and more, as there are programs that can hack game discs and pull that content off of them. Furthermore they are posted online as well for people to download. Just because you download the model off of google, doesn't mean you have the right to claim that it is yours and post it all over DA.

Do the three step check to ward yourself from copyright issues:

Did the artist you are buying/downloading it from 'make' the model (even if it's based on an existing character or game)? Check their gallery and other content, if it looks like the styles are inconsistent drastically and they have hundreds of models from each game..they probably didn't make it.

If the artist 'did' make it, did you credit in your artist comments and/or notify the artist you are using it? There are many artists who don't credit artists. This can be pretty rude, and artists who don't get credited and find their work elsewhere tend to get a little upset about it. Are they an artist who lets you use their work freely without specifying to credit it? You're probably alright, but it's still nice to let people know where you got your work from. Did you notify them that you are using? Sometimes not necessary if they specify, but a lot of artists who 'sell' work have special guidelines what you can and can't do with that model, make sure you've read that before you post.

Crediting an artist doesn't mean you can just use whatever you want. Notifying the artist or checking clearly that you are allowed to do what you are doing is your responsibility.

Did the Artist rip the model from a game? Yes, don't use it. Even if they are giving you permission, they do not have the right to do so. Unless it's a studio giving you specific permission to use their in game models for your own purposes (which is highly unlikely but has been done) then you don't have permission to use them in your artwork. Fan-art is one thing (but fan-art is work created by you in the style of someone else's work, not taking their work directly), but taking their already made models is stealing the work from the artist they hired to create it. It's another form of art theft, which is not allowed on Deviant Art.

What about my awesome in game screenshots of Skyrim, WoW, League of Legends, etc

No. Again doesn't belong in Game Development Art as it's not original content, you did not create the game nor do you have permission to claim you did. Doesn't belong in Fan-art because you did not create the content (editing a character in the game does not count as making it yourself, sorry). Doesn't belong in digital art or 3D art, because you did not create it yourself. See the trend? Screenshots plague Deviant Art's categories, but this does not mean they belong there. It takes CV's, staff, etc a very long time to clear it up, so do your part and 'don't post your screenshots'. Seriously. That's cool you created a character who looks like you in Sims, awesome! :) It's not something you completely made, nor have the permission to claim as such so leave that to sites off Deviant Art.

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
There are plenty of stock, free resources for you to use, manipulate and post. Many artists trying to help you create awesome artwork. There's no need to steal game models from games, no need to post screenshots from games., it's only violating copyright and doesn't show us your skills/talents as an artist. There's plenty of free models, or models you can purchase and manipulate! I have seen a whole community of this, and can be great learning tools better then any in game model you took from a game would be. Use them instead, help cut down on the art theft and copyright violations across DA. :love:

What can I do to help reduce these issues?

You can spread the word "in a kind way" by linking this article, or letting artists know in a very polite manner that they are violating this issue. You can report deviations if they break Deviant Art rules, make sure you have proof first that you know it's not their work. Probably best to do so anonymously, unless the deviant who may be violating Deviant Art's TOF (terms of service) is a good friend of yours or you know them, as this can be a sensitive issue for some.

You can also read and follow it yourself, being a shining example so to speak :love:

:la: Thank you everyone for listening and reading this article. If you have any questions, concerns, DD suggestions, etc you can easily note me PolyMune with any of those. Keep being awesome deviants, and a great community :heart:
What's allowed, what's not allowed and clarification when and why you should submit to the Game Development Art category, and when/why you should submit somewhere else :)
Also some misconceptions about the gallery, and other issues cleared up.
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GeezGeorge Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thank you soooo much for this, all the Game related Categories have been very hazy since the start.

I still have a bit of this haze that needs clearing though n_n
Deviantart doesn't accept game builds at the moment, unless of course they're flash. Do you think that Unity support might be a thing in the future? I'm asking because I still think our builds themselves are art, and with all the Game Jams happening lately it saddens me to think DA will never accept them :(

For that matter, do you have any suggestions on how we might best submit a complete or demo of a game with categories as they stand? I have tried just uploading a placeholder image with a link to our build, but.... it just doesn't really do it justice and I have no idea where to place it within the GameDev Categories.
PolyMune Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
You are very welcome.

Actually, I was just discussing unity builds with another deviant the other day. I'm not sure, but I will see about getting one implemented in if it's possible. I know Unity is becoming very popular, probably even surpassing flash in the community at this point and many Deviants would find it very handy to have Unity support on Deviant Art. (including myself!). And you are absolutely correct! Game builds are definitely art, and especially so under our GDA category now that it's been moved under designs and interfaces. Let me take your input and see what I could do. Can't promise anything, but I can try.

Non playable demo's are possible though you have to be able to post video. here are the two steps into getting it activated so you can upload film: FAQ #842: How do I become a submitting member of the film community? FAQ #830: How do I submit Film?

playable demo's however, seems to be only possible with Flash that I am aware of at this point. Like i stated above, I'll try to get unity support as I know for many of us it would prove much handier then like you say, a placeholder image, and link to the download.
GeezGeorge Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thank you so much for your thorough answer! I'm actually getting a bit excited thinking I might be able to upload my builds in future XD
Unity is pretty much the platform of choice for student and indie game developers alike, it's really branching out and is now even handling the new WiiU devkit. It just offers such a different experience to Flash with more possibilities for gameplay, it may even spark some interest for those who work in 3D if they see some of it around here. Deviantart's missing out on all the hot action ;)
I really appreciate you taking this into consideration, and thanks for your hard work! :glomp:
PolyMune Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
You are welcome! I will do my best to see if I can get some answers about it :)

I fully agree! Unity is growing in support, and I know plenty of deviants such as yourself and myself who would benefit greatly from having the support of uploading our Unity games/applications to Deviant Art. I used to use Flash quite a bit back in college, but since being out and Unity increasing in user friendly capabilities, I thoroughly enjoy using it more now.
I definitely think it'd help not hinder DA. Let's cross our fingers anyway. It'd be nice to upload my playable demos for my seal game directly to DA for people to play test XD rather then having to jump to another website, or download it.
Crickatoo Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
:thumbsup: You know, I knew dA had a Game Development category but I guess I kind of shoved it into the back of my brain and didn't think much of it. My boyfriend is getting into game development, and after I read this article and told him about it, he is now [finally] going to join deviantART! Yaaaay! :boogie:
PolyMune Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I am very glad to hear that :) I find the GDA category is still newer and not quite known so I am happy my article helped bring one more person to DA :love: My goal is to bring GDA's awareness on DA up at least 50%, and bring over some talented artists that have yet to come to DA because they think we don't have a dedicated category for their work. Ambitious I know, but thank you so much for telling me about your boyfriend. :) You'll have to send me a link to his account :la: I love seeing GDA work anywhere I can!
Crickatoo Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh awesome! I wish you all the success. I wonder if any of his game developing friends would be interested in joining... I'll have to encourage him to encourage them :giggle:. And I'll absolutely let you know as soon as he joins! :happybounce:
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