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November 20, 2013
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3-Differences contest 1 month left!!

Wed Nov 20, 2013, 11:25 AM
That's right! EDIT - got some new entries up already! Wow! keep them coming guys/gals! :la:

EDIT 2 - DAZ, poser, etc entries count too!!

Date running: Oct 21st - Dec 21st 11:59 pm EST

This contest is for 3D artists, or even beginners looking to try out. Some free software you can use for this contest are as follows: Blender, Wings 3D, Rhino, Lightwave, etc if you do not presently have a 3D modeling software. 

Your theme 3D artists: the contest has to do with what the differences of the 3 digital 3D categories are and you must create a piece of 3D art, can be anything at all, as long as it fits within the 3 categories "restrictions". These categories reflect the DA categories here and I will outline them below. 

You are free to enter as many entries as you want but they must be submitted to the contest gallery here ->… you can also find it under Contest - 2013 - 3Differences

You may choose one category your 3D piece applies too. You can create as many 3D pieces as you like, but each image entry must relate to only "one" category and that must be outlined in the artist description.

Category 1 - Fanart - 3 Dimensional category: 
The 3D piece must fall under the parameters of what classifies art as "fan -art". There are no poly restrictions/etc on these 3D pieces, but you must model someone else's pre existing work. It can be anything: my little pony, avatar, borderlands, harry potter, whatever! As long as the content you are modeling is copyrighted by someone else. You must give credit to them in your artist description of your entry.  It can also be artists work on DA but that artist must be given credit and must be asked permission first. 

Category 2 - Digital art - 3 Dimensional category: 
This must be 100% original work. (This can include pre-paid models, free models, etc as long as credit is given if needed and the scene/image is still done by you. 100% original that you're not stealing someone else's work, or using models you don't have permission to use, etc) You cannot 3D model someone else's work (ie: seeing a 2d character on deviant art and modeling it, you need proper permission first!), and majority of the content must be made by you (can include composition, lighting, pose, scene, etc if models are bought/free). No poly restrictions/etc apply. Digital 3D work applies, not Traditional 3D work like sculptures, figurines, etc. 

 Category 3 - Designs and Interfaces - Game Development art - 3d game art 

This 3D piece must be designed with game development in mind. This 3D art must be able to go into a game engine, or ready and able too and polycounts/texture restrictions/engine restrictions/etc should be considered. Some game development parameters include, a poly count limit, texture size limits of 4098x4098 max, etc. Consider the limits you would see for games on console, handheld, mobile or PC and apply them to your model. Please state what limitations you gave yourself in your artist comments.  You can make up your own restrictions but please keep them "believable". I will have some articles up this week which will help explain some restrictions/etc you can use for your piece. When in doubt ask, :)
(you may team up with a 2D artist/concept artist provided that they give you permission. )
The work you are modeling though has to be 100% original or using non copyrighted work. Like i stated above team work does happen in game development, so you can team up with a 2d artist/concept artist provided the rights to their work isn't bought by someone else/company and they give you 100% permission to do so.

Each piece you create must be able too, if there was no category to submit them too for the contest, easily fall into one of the above 3 categories. 

The piece must be created past the contest start date. OR i will accept old work to be entered before october 21st provided that "something" was updated changed, re-rendered for this contest :)

The purpose of the contest is to help raise awareness of the 3 different categories, help you think about how to create a piece to follow into their guidelines, help others be able to see the differences...but also, just how alike those categories also are and how they can help each other! :la: 

You can 3D model concept artists or 2D artists work for any of the 3 categories provided that you have Permission from the 2d/concept artist to do so. For fan-art pieces, obviously you'd have to just give credit to the original creators in your artist comments. 

It can be anything you want of anything you want! I would ask though if there's nudity/violence/gore that it does have it's appropriate mature filters on. It also has to comply to Deviant Art submission rules as well ;) So keep those in mind!

Absolutely no theft of work is allowed, you will be disqualified. If you are using open source material or free to use material you MUST state that in your deviations artist comments. 50% of the 3D piece though must be created by you in order to qualify, it can't all be 100% made by someone else or use other's content. If you purchased it, etc again please specify to avoid confusion. 

Some 2D work is allowed like composition, touch ups, etc. but 75% of the scene must be using 3D. 


:trophy: :trophy: Grand prize winner - 60$ value program or tutorials: can be marmoset renderer, tutorials equaling that value, etc. 20$ value towards a game of their choice (digital only: if steam isn't used, we will work something out)  

:trophy: Category 1 - winner a 1 year subscription to DA in points.
:trophy: Category 2 - winner a 1 year subscription to DA in points.
:trophy: Category 3 - winner a 1 year subscription to DA in points.

3 runner up prizes - 6 month subscription to DA in points  

:bulletblue: All winners will receive features/etc as well as their winnings. 
:bulletblue: Winners will be judged based on the criteria outlined above how well their piece matches the gallery description so any skill level may enter. 
:bulletblue: If you'd like to donate prizes please note me what you'd like to donate.
:bulletblue: The grand prize 60$ must be used to purchase either a program of that value, or tutorials and the other 20$ to games. You can combine and make it 80$ towards programs, tools or tutorials (this includes getting a tablet, etc.) but winner pays for shipping if it ends up over the winning amount. 

Runner ups will only be selected if more then 30 qualifying entries come in that meet the requirements above. There must be also a minimum of 2 entries per category in order for the category prizes to be won that qualify. If there's 30 for fan-art, and none for GDA...well a GDA winner can't be made, and only one entry in it means it'd default and that wont work either. 

Judges: :iconhaikai13:  :iconalexandrasalas: :iconry-spirit: :iconlyricanna: :iconfunkybunnies: (only if he doesn't end up competing) :icondtherculean: (more may be announced at a later date)

And there you have it 3D artists!!! :eager: If you have any questions or need clarification, please ask me/note me right away. I want to make sure everything is clear as possible!

:star: I look forward to the rest of the week with all of you, and seeing your entries :la: :la: :dalove: Let's get creating some awesome 3d Art <3 :star: 

If you have uploaded your work or created it and it's not shown here, please comment or note on this post and I'll add it :)

Contest entries so far:

BMO 3D by superjitan   Hatsune Miku v3 + Model DL by Endlessillusionx  Mystery Machine [breakdown] by BringMeASunkist   Three Differences by Voleuro  
Excelsior by L04D3D   3D: General Lee Turnaround by JasonPrentice  <da:thumb id="415585096"/>   UC - Sweet Track - BeautyShot 2 [UDK] by amirabd2130   UC - Sweet Track - BeautyShot 1 [UDK] by amirabd2130   Between the Worlds by k7g4p11   Memory Remains - The forgotten smiles.. by bhaskar655  Female Character Presentation 1 by sumutf   Fulfilling a dream (self-portrait) by SeGentlyBrokenMan   

3D contest where you pick a category to go under, and create a 3D piece can be anything at all as long as it's done within the category specifications. Create as many entries as you possibly can if you'd like and enter how many categories you'd like as well!
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Rakceyen Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Im definitely going to enter something :D

Just 2 questions:

Can you enter more than one image?

And does the work have to be new? I have an older render that I think has a good shot.

PolyMune Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yup can enter as many as you like in any of the categories!

As long as you tweaked it a bit for this contest (ie: tweaked a render etc) I don't mind if its older work :)
Rakceyen Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So maybe adding/changing a few objects in the scene?
PolyMune Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Exactly :)
Rakceyen Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ill get on it :D
dareme Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
Browsing the Contest Folder I get a feeling that a lot of participants did not understand the part about it having to be 3D art, i.e. made in a 3d modeling/posing software. (That is a requirement, right? Or did I totally not understand what's going on?)

What are you going to do with those erronious contest entries?
PolyMune Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I have been filtering them out as I go along (removing them) so it'll be cleared before voting starts :)
dareme Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013
You are amazing for doing all that work. :love:
I couldn't quite believe my eyes as I was browsing the contest gallery, it looks like a good portion of the entrants just randomly submitted their pieces without any clue what the contest was about, or any care to find out. If I was running it, I'd prabably get pretty annoyed at that sort of behaviour. :XD:
Also, a lot of entries don't have an artist description, so figuring out if they were rendered or drawn could be quite difficult to determine. :P

Anyway - only two days left, I better buckle down to get my own entry finished. :work:
LaceWingedSaby Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is XNALARA (XPS) allowed? I'm not good about making a model from the beginning, but as you can see in my gallery I use more than one model (or sometimes only a model) to make my fanarts. Or at least I meshmod them ^^;
I pose them in the previously mentioned software and I import all into 3DsMax for rendering them, then I use Photoshop for finals effects.
Just want to be sure if it's allowed or not before entering (damn I saw this contest only today _)
Thank u!

Here some examples of how I work:…
PolyMune Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I don't mind programs like that being used as long as the models you are using aren't ripped from a video game or other source (ie: stolen. A lot of artists who post models on DA for use XNA are actually stolen from games)

As long as you give credit/have permission to use them they are allowed :)
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